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Merkur Logistics GmbH

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Merkur Logistics GmbH is a logistics service providers with a distribution center in Ostwestfalen, Germany. As a cutting point between product distribution and brand communication we act as a partner for the fulfillment, publisher distribution and direct marketing. Our main services are: order processing, storing, packaging, pick and pack, franking, dispatch handling, returns processing, invoicing practice, dunning letter and customer service. To improvethe value added chain we offer our customers and partners intelligent service concepts from a modular constructed portfolioof services.


Portfolio of services


We give support to our customers at the successful controlling and timing of his E-Business. If necessary we support the process of purchase across the handling of the multi-channel-order to the point of customer communication and payments

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Publisher distribution

Because of our closeness to the printingindustry we are an approvedfull-service expertin publisher distribution. The Merkur Print & Service Group allows the complete fulfilment.

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With our lettershop we offer our customers all steps they need for an effective handling of a mailing. As a competentpartner we help our clients realise theirdialogue marketing promotions

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We have extensive knowledge in the field of packaging. We handle print and media products as well as consumer goods such as fashion and lifestyle.

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With our serialisation machine your coupons, inlay cards, packages and licenses get an individual combination of numbers and letters. These serials serve to help activate your products online or helps your support.

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Service & Support

We liketo help you with customer service and support. With our friendly and professional employees there will be no open question. We organise, communicate and guarantee a short handling time plus a high service level.

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Your requirements

  • Flexible and scalable business modelsand processes
  • Changing and increasingcustomer requirements in theB2B and B2C business
  • Increasing complexity of the added value flow
  • Calculable costs for logistics
  • Increasing requirements towards thedigital data processing
  • Strong and long term partnerships
  • Future oriented adaptability
  • Increasing the customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Focusingon your core business

Our solutions

  • Intelligent service concepts in order tooptimise your value added chain
  • Synchronising of your flow of goods, information and finances
  • Fair and transparent payment models
  • Distinct striving for innovation and strong innovative ability
  • Fair cooperation through “one face to the customer”
  • High process automation through the use of state-of-the-art IT
  • Extensive and professional partner network
  • Scalable service solutions for every enterprise size