Fulfillment contains following services:

Warehouse management:

Our warehouse management enables the classic as well as a chaotic stock-keeping. All processes are barcode-supported to establish an accurate and fast storing, outsourcing and repositioning.


On the basis of characteristic factors, such as actual inventory, available warehouse stock, open customer orders, minimum order quantities, reorder, packaging units and open purchase orders, we calculate how often a certain item must be back-ordered from the manufacturer tocover the deficit.

Picking and Packaging:

With our intelligent just-in-time-processes we ensure the immediate packaging of delivered products without having to store them. Stored products are shipped fast and effectivly by routeoptimized collective picking. Partial deliveries can be fulfilled upon request and arrears can be administrated. The packaging occurs in adequate dispatch boxes relating to customer-specific packaging requirements.

Dispatch processing

The high process automation enables a fast worldwide shipment. When all goods of an order are picked, invoices, delivery notes and shipping documents aregenerated. The data is automatically sendover to the carrier. The use of a barcode-supported system promises an accurate and efficient work flow

Customer communication:

A comfortable customer communication is ensured by an automated email dispatch. Customers, whether traders or end customers, receive an automatically generated email about the current order and shipping status including a tracking-ID.

Return management:

Hereby you can control complaints, returns, item exchange and resending. Replacements or credit vouchers can be created at the click of a button.

Payments and dunning:

This function enables the reading of electronic account statements, automatic adjustments between incoming payments and orders as well as direct debit and recoveries. Furthermore there is an integrated dunning process. All financial data will be exported by an external DATEV-interface.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our customers are provided with access to an enterprise resource planning system. That way they are able to use the service-modules purchasing, invoices, payments, customer service, as well as reports. This allows the customer live, quick and easy connection to the system and services anytime as needed to provide full independence.

Customs clearance:

We support you in preparing country-specific customs documents for the import or export of goods.

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Publisher distribution

Publisher distribution includes:

Order management press distribution:

With our order management press distribution we implement the postal preparation and transmission of press shipments, preferred periodicals and wrapper-packed newspaper. From address data processing proceeding to address data import up to calculation the optimum charges including all documents needed for posting and completion, Merkur Logistics offers you an optimal service.

Labelling, addressing and enveloping:

Merkur Logistics provides an automated separationof magazines. With help fromthe inkjet printing methodthe addressing can be printedeither directly onto the magazine or onto a previously affixed SK-label. For a closed transmission the magazineswill be enveloped in appropriateprotective bags.

Package- and pallet preparation:

When the magazines are addressed, they will be grouped into bunches sorted by postal code zones and stacked with incumbent bundle labels.

Committal at Deutsche Post AG:

Merkur Logistics ensure that the pallets combined with the committal documents are timely delivered at the Deutsche Post AG

Warehousing & United Quantity Shipping:

Of course we also take on the stockpiling of remainders for our publishing clients, so we guarantee a permanent availability. With our united quantity shipping we ensure a fast supply of trade fairs and specialist forums.

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The Lettershop contains:

Order management circulars:

With the order management circulars we implement the postal preparation and implementation of your dialogue marketing actions. The services include verification, duplicate matching and postage optimisation. It also generates all the documents needed for preparation and posting.

Personalization, addressing, stamping and enveloping:

Merkur Logistics personalises, addresses, stamps, and envelopes. We can process formats of DIN long and DIN A4 up to special sizes. Thereby we ensure the machine readability of the Deutsche Post AG.

Container-and pallet manufacturing:

For a reliable and timely processing it is essential that the mailing is treated after the admition criteria of the Deutsche Post AG. Merkur Logistics produces the mailing in containers or bunches sorted by postal code zones and marks these with so called container-or bundle labels.

Committal at Deutsche Post AG:

We make sure that the containers or pallets are timely delivered at the Deutsche Post AG together with the committal documents

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Packaging contains:

Repackaging & labeling:

Products which do not meet the necessary requirements of the sales channel, will be repackaged and labelled by us according to your customised specifications. Furthermore it is possibleto seal the products in PE-foil.

Product completion:

Marketable products and full sets are assembled from different single or sub-components. Merkur Logistics also offers to set up displays and equip them in order to present your products at the point of sale (POS) in an optimal way.

Manual fold-and glue jobs:

For amaximum impact of print media Merkur Logistics offers manual fold-and-glue works. This way Merkur Logistics enables an individual and high quality finishing for the printed advertising materials.

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Serialization includes:

Alphanumeric serialization:

We provide an automated separation (incl. double sheet control) of small-sized print media and media packaging with subsequent serialization by inkjet. This enables us to place individual serial numbers on lacquered or laminated paper as well as synthetic materials. This procedure is extremely suitable for the production of vouchers, media packaging with serial number and license inserts with activation code.

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Service & Support

Service & Support includes:

Customer service and -support:

Our competent and friendly employees are glad to help you with your customer support, either via telephone or email. Whether you need apermanent support or only during the peak season, our organisational structure offers a fitting solution for every requirement.

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